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DESCRIPTION EPSENT 2T OUTBOARD is advanced, fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil for use in modern, high speed, high performance 2-stroke engines. Its fast burn, high protection formula is formulated to release the full potential from highly tuned motorcycle and water scooter engines with enhanced throttle response for faster acceleration to give ultimate performance for extreme riding. APPLICATIONS EPSENT 2T OUTBOARD is suitable for all modern high performance 2-stroke motorcycle and water scooter engines from European and Japanese manufacturers. It is designed for two stroke engines used in motorcycles on road or in competition both oil injection and premix lubrication, as per manufacturers' instructions, up to a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1. Suitable for use in motorcycle, water scooter, lawn mowers, chainsaws. PERFORMANCE FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Environmentally Friendly - low smoke, biodegradable • Fast burning, high protection formula • Faster acceleration from the start • Excellent engine cleanliness • Exceptional resistance to seizure • Extends engine life • Superior anti-scuff properties • Synthetic protection • Reduces exhaust port blockages • Keeps piston rings free • Exceeds OEM warranty requirements INDUSTRY SPECIFICATIONS: API TC, JASO FD, ISO EG-D
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