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DESCRIPTION EPSENT IMMUNITY SAE 10W-40 Engine Oils are premium high performance multigrade engine oils formulated from high quality base oils combined with modern performance additives to help provide long engine life and protect critical engine parts from lubricant related failures, providing wide temperature range engine protection. EPSENT IMMUNITY SAE 10W-40 Engine Oils are suitable for petrol engines fitted with conventional carburetors and for naturally aspirated or turbo-charged indirect injection diesel engines (passenger cars and light industrial) vehicles. It could be used in all operating conditions (city traffic, road, motorways), whatever the season. Benefits: • Superior engine wear protection • Superior cleansing technology to help stop dirt and sludge build up • Reduced high temperature engine deposits • Helps clean and protect older engines • Can be used in both Diesel & LPG engines • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability RECOMMENDATIONS / SPECIFICATIONS INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: API SN/CF, SM/CF, SL/CF, SJ/CF, SG/CF, SG/CD,SF/CD ACEA A3/B3, A2/B2, JASO MA2 MA/ , JASO MB Recommended for use: Ford, GM, PSA, BMW, VW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz
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